Why Immigrate to the United States?

Investment immigration from China to the US grew at a compound annual rate of seventy-three percent over the past five years. As of now, a majority of affluent Chinese have either completed investment immigration, applied for investment immigration or are considering it.

What is the Cause of this Phenomenon?

China’s GDP has continued to slow every quarter since late 2010, money is flowing out of the state at an alarming rate. Just in the past year, between $225 billion $300 billion has left the country, which accounts for three to four percent of China’s economic output for that period.
Additionally there are several other factors that contributed to this trend in immigration:

  1. America has arguably a superior education system. According to TIME Higher Education University Ranking, 29 of the top 50 universities in the world are US universities, whereas Peking university is the only Chinese university that made the list.
  2.  Cost of living in China is rising, Consumer Price Index shows that the average inflation rate of the Chinese economy in 2012 is 2.61%.
  3. Thanks to new government policies, there are now more opportunities for employment in the US. In 2012, the US economy created 1.8 million jobs.
  4. US government offers better Social Security and insurance benefits: US Old Age, Survivors And Disability Insurance (OASDI – Federal program) paid more than 615 billion dollars in benefits to over 50 million beneficiaries in 2008.
  5. US identity grants visa grants visits to 150 countries whereas Chinese visa only grants visa exemption to 45 countries.