Related Investors, LLC, is a certified franchisee of many well-known food service franchises, such as Denny’s and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.  Related Investors believes that franchising offers a more sound investment model, since franchises tend to succeed at higher rates than standalone businesses.

Being a certified franchisee gives us the ability to quickly produce the business documents needed to submit the initial EB-5 application.  Investing in a franchise increases the likelihood of profitability due to the fact that franchises have established brand awareness and a proven track record of profitability.

Franchising also provides investors with a painless way of attracting customers, since most franchises have proven advertising methods that lead to revenue growth.  The research needed to prove your business has met EB-5 job creation criteria is also diminished, due to the fact that most franchises have established estimates of how many employees are required for each location.

Finally, franchising offers a simplified EB-5 application process, when compared to other EB-5 investments, since it is easier to convince USCIS officials that your franchise will be profitable, given the fact our franchisors are successful and well known.

Harold Butler founded Denny’s in Southern California back in 1953 with a commitment to give the best in service, food, beverages and value. Denny’s began franchising in 1963 and grew from coast to coast along with the emerging highway system. Today, Denny’s is a true icon, with brand awareness of almost 100%*.
Having grown to include almost 1,700 restaurants and system-wide sales of over $2.4 billion, Denny’s is one of the largest and most recognized full-service family restaurant chains in the United States.